Nitara's Journal, 11 Jan 17

So, this is not a failure. We purchased a new scale, and that is what it showed me to be this morning. The old scale showed 85.2kg which mean .2kg loss. I am updating this with the new scale and will continue using that.

On another note, I think I completely blew my carb allowance, not intentionally. I made some food last night, and when I wanted to enter it today, I started calculating what I put in it and how much each portion is going to cost me carb wise. Oh boy!

All the ingredients are allowed on induction. However, I think they are too many at one go, which is one of the things to be avoided. Sigh!

I will see the effects tomorrow I suppose. Oh, also I think I did not lose as much today because I could not sleep last night. Got like three hours then I was up till the morning and back to work. Hate it when that happens.

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That's the pits, I have had my scales for years and just won't listen to any other I think mine shows 1.5 kilos lighter than what I really am. Don;t worry about the carbs, you will do better tomorrow, its all in the knowledge don;t you think? Now that you know how many carbs were in the meal, you won't do that again! :-) By the way, how many carbs do you set for yourself per day? 
11 Jan 17 by member: annemiekehendrika
Hello annemiekehendrika I think with the scale, it is mostly about the difference between the numbers. If the number is going down, all sweet :) I am in Induction now (Atkins) so the allowed carb is 20. I have to do that at least for two weeks until my body adapts to the diet. At the end of the two weeks, I will make the decision to continue with that or go on to the next phase.  
12 Jan 17 by member: Nitara
What is the next phase? 
13 Jan 17 by member: annemiekehendrika
you are doing well with your Carbs... I dont; seem to want to eat,my daughter is a PT and she wants me to eat more carbs, darn hard when you are doing Atkins or the Ketone Diet.. I would rather stick to the 20 carbs also, I have Ketone sticks and I am showing less Ketones then when I did this diet years ago...  
13 Jan 17 by member: annemiekehendrika
Next phase would be OWL (Ongoing Weigh Loss). So you add five carbs to the 20 per week and monitor your progress, if still losing add another 5 and so on. Until you find out the number of carbs that you can eat and lose weight, he refers to it as CCLL ( Critical carbohydrate level for losing). You will stay at that level until "Pre-maintenance phase" and the graduate to "lifetime maintenance." I potentially will stay on Induction for about four months and then move to the other phases.  
14 Jan 17 by member: Nitara
I never used Ketone sticks, are they a good tool? 
14 Jan 17 by member: Nitara
Yes, because i think they help when you feel you have done bad on a day, and instead of blowing your diet you can find out that you are actually burning ketones, which gives you incentive to keep going, well it does for me :-) 
14 Jan 17 by member: annemiekehendrika


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