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05 August 2022

Weight: Lost so far: Still to go: Diet followed:
68.3 kg 9.7 kg 5.3 kg Reasonably Well
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19 November 2021

10 November 2021

Had a pretty good loss over the last month, lost about 3-4kg by being vigilant with my daily excerssise and trying to eat less than 1800cals, but in the last week I’ve “fell off the wagon” had a couple of friends birthdays and a couple of very high carb days with cals above 2600 😞 like pizza and pasta, and some party drinks…consequently have slowed down my progress.. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I Will just have to step up my game this week! A big win though is that I’ve had a breakthrough with my strength, I can now do “steps” with my bad knee! Both my knees are bad, but one side is so bad I have not been able to put weight on it at all, for years can’t do squats or steps, definitely can not jog or run. But because I’ve been pushing through the pain and focus on strengthen my core and thigh muscles I can now support my weight with other muscles in that leg so that the knee is now able to cope with doing steps and I even did some squats! It still hurts but I push through the pain, at first go very gently but I have the determination that I want my body to do what it’s told! Pain will not dictate my life 🙏 and after years now I can do this excersise!! It’s such a good excersise for strength so I’m really happy about this. I’m going to build up now to 50 squats into my daily routine and try for 100 steps 😄
Weight: Lost so far: Still to go: Diet followed:
73.9 kg 4.1 kg 10.9 kg Reasonably Well
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10 November 2021

27 October 2021

Have not lost much on kilos but have lost a decent amount of centimetres by body measurements, officially shrinking…🥳
Arms: 34cm (down by 2cm )
Chest: 95cm (down by 5cm )
Waist: 76 (down by 8cm)😍
Hips: 118 (down by 6cm)
Thigh: 67 (down by 5cm)
Above knee: 47 (-down by 5cm)
Calf: 40cm (down by 2cm)

Low carb/low calories staying at around 1700callories per day
waking every day, up and down hills for at least 30 mins, sometimes I walk for up to 2 hours per day.
Also doing Daily excersises at home to strengthen core/abs. YouTube “bob & brad physical therapists” have “standing up work out”, for people with injuries. All exercises is standing up & low impact, I can’t do sit ups, squats or star jumps, I can’t exercise lying down on the floor, or kneeling, due to past injuries. Turns out there’s loads of core strength excersises you can do standing up!

I drink a 600ml cup of green tea with 1teaspoon chillies/cayenne pepper each morning (steep 10 mins) that’s supposed to help with fat burning and metabolism.

I’m intermission fasting, fast 16 hours per day, Only drink greentea then cofee in the morning, no breakfast. I eat at 12noon, and fast from 9pm at night.

Weight: Lost so far: Still to go: Diet followed:
74.5 kg 3.5 kg 11.5 kg Reasonably Well
   (1 comment) Losing 8.8 kg a Week

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