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02 February 2024

Weight: Lost so far: Still to go: Diet followed:
67 kg 8 kg 2 kg Reasonably Well
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25 January 2024

Weight: Lost so far: Still to go: Diet followed:
67 kg 8 kg 2 kg Reasonably Well
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24 January 2024

My Weight now is fluctuating between 66 and 69 lately. Even in one day sometimes the scales can gain or drop 1-2kg overnight it seems.
I’ve re-introduced carbs back into diet, only thing im strict on now is protein, minimum protein is 145grams per day which sometimes pushes me over my calorie limit, but I’m not counting calories anymore. I’m trying to build muscle now (body re-comp) rather than trying to “lose weight”. I have a work out plan for Weight training every second day im lifting up to 35kg on dead lift, 30kg hip thrust and 20kg on squats. (And this is from zero, since November) feeling good, even though my weight is weirdly fluctuating I have not gained any more centimetres on my waist or arms, and everything is looking “leaner” due to more muscle definition. It’s definitely subtle, this stuff takes months and months to really see “results” in the before and afters. Today im eating so much, I’ve eaten over 3400 calories but honestly it’s all been healthy fresh food, (chicken, butter, eggs, yogurt, vegetables fish, organic bread etc) and I did a 2 hour weight lifting work out today and pushed myself hard, so I’m feeling like if my body is craving for food then I should just eat and fill up the tank!
Weight: Lost so far: Still to go: Diet followed:
68 kg 7 kg 3 kg Reasonably Well
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13 January 2024

Having lost my goal weight (20kg altogether from start to finish), I’m now focusing on building muscle and staying strong. Not really counting calories or carbs anymore, focusing now on getting enough protein for muscle building and maintaining nutritionally dence diet. Doing regular weight/resistance exercise, and getting so into it! (Never thought I’d be so keen to work out 😂) The thing about losing 20kg - as many of us know- is you get a lot of loose skin. I’ve been following a routine and definitely noticed some improvements, particularly in upper arms and Tummy . Don’t think I’ll ever fully shrink my skin back (part of aging gracefully) but If anyone is interested, I’ll tell you guys what’s helped and worked for loose skin:
Get a good quality stiff bristle body brush. Once a week, On dry skin, brush your entire body with the brush (brush strokes towards the heart) and really get into it, like for ten minutes straight you brush your whole body and any problem areas to stimulate the skin and blood flow and lymphatic drainage (Your skin will turn red and feel a bit raw, but don’t worry, It’s good!). Then jump in a cool shower or the ocean or a pool, for at least 5 minutes. Afterwards moisturise with a pure cold pressed oil like rosehip, coconut oil, black seed oil, argon oil or pure shea butter.
Moisturise with pure oils every day after a shower, and give your skin a thorough massage like you’re kneeling bread. This helps get the blood flowing and stimulates the shin to make more collagen. Use pure, 100% natural oils for this, to really nourish the skin. You can buy pure oils cheaper on line, it’s an investment sometimes a bit expensive but it’s worth it.

I’ve Been doing this for the past year and a half and my skin has definitely noticeably shrunk. It does take several months to see results. But like everything else on this FatSecret Journey, consistency, commitment and patience is what pays off.
Hope this helps someone 💗
Love ya’s
Weight: Lost so far: Still to go: Diet followed:
67 kg 8 kg 2 kg Reasonably Well
   (2 comments) Gaining 0.8 kg a Week

26 December 2023

Merry Christmas all you fatscreters! It’s been ages since I logged in here! Life got super busy and stressful after a bit of a crisis, and I lost the ability/time to moniter and plan my food each day. But I’ve been weighing myself about once a week, and I’m happy to see my weight has stabilised at 65kg. This past 6 weeks I have eaten pretty much whatever I wanted and haven’t done any work outs. But my metabolism has naturally adjusted to stay at 65kg which is great, haven’t put on any weight. I think the stress has caused me to skip a lot of meals, but I’m also not as hungry as I used to be. I get full now on half a meal. I’ve decided I’m happy with this weight and I am not going to keep trying to lose any more weight. I lost a lot of weight in my face when I was actively losing weight in the last 6 months, and I think it makes me look older and more stressed out, (or maybe that’s just cos I have been really stressed out ! Lol). Now that every thing has calmed down, crisis under control, I’ll be taking more care of my nutrition and sleep and mental health again and go back to doing daily excersise but I’m not Gona do any fasting or cut calories to lose weight, I will maintain 65kg. I’m happy my metabolism has adjusted and I think it will not be too hard to maintain as long as I don’t get stuck into the ice cream or other types of comfort eating. Feeling good! Hope everyone is doing well 💕
Weight: Lost so far: Still to go: Diet followed:
65 kg 10 kg 0 kg Reasonably Well
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