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These products are archived as they are outdated or no longer available. They are listed here for historical purposes.
Calorie and Nutrition information for archived products from Youfoodz.

Archived products
Cranberry Roast Chicken & Potato Bake
Tandoori Chicken and Cauliflower Rice
Moroccan Chicken and Veg
Honey Mustard Chicken
Nonna's Spaghetti Bolognese
BBQ Boneless Rib
Rustico Chicken Pizza
Supergreen Spaghetti
Pistachio & Cranberry Turkey Rissoles
Honey Panko Crusted Fish
Choc Protein Mousse
Wasabi Mayo Teriyaki Wrap
Red Foodzter
Lean Pork with Shredded Greens
Gran's Cottage Pie
Herby Falafel with Shredded Greens
Satay Tenders with Green Chilli Risoni
Lean Chicken with Zesty Greens
The Royal Roast
Escobar's Enchilada
Orange & Almond Protein Bar
YFC with Potato Gravy & Coleslaw
Sweet Toasted Coconut Fish with Greens
Mac N Double Cheese with Steak Diane
Falafel with Chickpea Paella
Lemon & Herb Tenders with Chickpea Paella
Honey-Glazed Ginger Salmon
Mexo Burrito Bowl
Homestyle Chicken Rissoles with Red Pesto Veg
Coconut Pumpkin & Cashew Chicken
Steak & Mushrooms with Baked Spud
Chia Seed Chicken & Smashed Veg
Supa Food Bar
Bang on Bagel
Butter Chicken with Coconut & Capsicum
Carb-Less Pizza Omelette
Healthy Meatballs & Mushroom Casserole
Steak Stroganoff Pie
Rosemary Roast Lamb
Healthy Chicken, Spinach & Feta Pizza
Shredded Chicken Enchilada
BBQ Chicken Scallopini with Quinoa & Asparagus

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