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Coconut Vanilla Tapioca Pudding
by member: jesssicarose.
With passionfruit, dried mango (unless in summer) and coconut shavings.
per serve - Calories: 486kcal | Fat: 27.72g | Carbs: 52.31g | Prot: 9.12g
Keto Berry Smoothie
by member: MahinH
Blueberry and strawberry keto smoothie.
per serve - Calories: 117kcal | Fat: 9.71g | Carbs: 6.58g | Prot: 1.83g
Chicken Tagine
by member: amberlilymk
An easy throw together chicken dish.
per serve - Calories: 269kcal | Fat: 7.90g | Carbs: 32.44g | Prot: 20.98g
Pear + Berry Porridge
by member: amberlilymk
The perfect breakfast.
per serve - Calories: 297kcal | Fat: 7.46g | Carbs: 49.55g | Prot: 7.30g
Tomato Soup
by member: amberlilymk
A family favourite on a cold day.
per serve - Calories: 159kcal | Fat: 8.18g | Carbs: 14.68g | Prot: 5.62g
Chocolate Spiders
by member: blackhalo76
Quick & easy treat for kids of all ages.
per serve - Calories: 59kcal | Fat: 5.12g | Carbs: 4.10g | Prot: 1.50g
Pesto Pasta
by member: aolichi
A meat-free pasta perfect for your cravings.
per serve - Calories: 572kcal | Fat: 21.57g | Carbs: 71.73g | Prot: 22.33g
Turkey Patties
by member: olive2377
Healthy turkey breast patties.
per serve - Calories: 196kcal | Fat: 3.25g | Carbs: 5.10g | Prot: 34.20g
Chia Pudding
by member: clwil3
Vegan chia pudding.
per serve - Calories: 199kcal | Fat: 12.97g | Carbs: 13.03g | Prot: 6.34g
by member: olive2377
Meatballs in tomato sauce.
per serve - Calories: 273kcal | Fat: 8.01g | Carbs: 16.02g | Prot: 30.58g
Keto Meatloaf
by member: Woodburger
Low carb meatloaf recipe.
per serve - Calories: 525kcal | Fat: 37.78g | Carbs: 14.34g | Prot: 39.30g
Berry Cheesecake Overnight Oats
by member: kw1rky
Creamy and easy breakfast treat.
per serve - Calories: 450kcal | Fat: 13.36g | Carbs: 59.44g | Prot: 18.98g
Greek Quinoa Salad
by member: jacqbro
The ultimate greek quinoa salad that you can easily prepare.
per serve - Calories: 335kcal | Fat: 21.40g | Carbs: 30.94g | Prot: 10.00g
Low Carb Cloud Bread
by member: Kodine
Light, fluffy, and perfect bread replacement suited for a low-carb diet.
per serve - Calories: 53kcal | Fat: 4.34g | Carbs: 0.45g | Prot: 2.89g
Blueberry Smoothie Bowl
by member: tanyajridley
Creamy and tasty blueberry smoothie perfect for your favorite fruity toppings.
per serve - Calories: 286kcal | Fat: 21.76g | Carbs: 15.52g | Prot: 6.80g
Lemon Poppy Seed Cookies
by member: christine bingham
Low carb and oven-fresh cookies.
per serve - Calories: 140kcal | Fat: 12.45g | Carbs: 1.01g | Prot: 5.38g
Keto Mug Bread
by member: Janster1
Low carb, easy to make, and keto-friendly bread suited for your diet.
per serve - Calories: 449kcal | Fat: 39.17g | Carbs: 2.63g | Prot: 20.24g
Cup Bread
by member: troynjoy
A delightful and easy to prepare snack that you can share with your family and friends.
per serve - Calories: 182kcal | Fat: 15.20g | Carbs: 2.84g | Prot: 8.32g
Baked Chicken Breast
by member: KaraMorvell
Simple yet juicy and tasty chicken breast.
per serve - Calories: 280kcal | Fat: 4.65g | Carbs: 1.83g | Prot: 57.14g
Low Carb Crackers
by member: kkanuck
Crispy, easy and low carb crackers suited for your diet.
per serve - Calories: 46kcal | Fat: 3.71g | Carbs: 3.20g | Prot: 1.53g
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